Services for Clinical Trial Investigators and Contract Research Organizations(CROs)

What do we offer?

Digital marketing services for healthcare professionals – Physicians and Clinical Trial Investigators.

We are well aware of the difficulties that occur prior and during clinical trials.

Namely, recruiting highly qualified patients and ensuring their retention in the trial.

We can definitely help you in this formidable task.

The answer lies in our cutting-edge marketing skills and technologies.

Our team successfully implements various strategies to achieve ultra-targeted advertising that will reach only the desired audience.

Just imagine a world in which your message reaches only your perfect subjects and nobody else…

We will make it happen. Here and now.

We will transform the clumsy recruitment process into a straightforward and effortless game.

We will provide you with an unlimited number of appropriate patients who are:

  • Interested in participation, i.e. already motivated to act
  • Selected in advance according to a special algorithm
  • Computer savvy – electronic diaries will be no problem for them
  • Communicative and responsible

How we can achieve this?

Abnex offers innovative solutions to reach, refer and recruit highly-qualified patients.




In compliance with local regulations.

Absolutely no risk involved.

Digital marketing gives us unlimited opportunities. And we know how to use them.

Please check out our monthly plans and contact us for more information.

Pricing Table - English

You can download our pricing template in PDF format by clicking here.

Advantages of our service:

selection of subjects
Applicable to
any conditions
Daily reports
and analytics

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