Services for Medical Centers

What do we offer?

Digital marketing services for healthcare professionals – Physicians and Clinical Trial Investigators.

Do you need higher income? 

You should be well aware that revenue and profit are directly linked to the constant flow of customers/patients. If your medical services are not consistently utilised, you are losing money every day.

There is ruthless competition for new patients in the healthcare area, and only the most famous and respected medical centers emerge as winners. 

Modern internet technologies are the cornerstone of your success in the digital world.

Patients want the best care possible for their health and always seek reviews and recommendations before selecting healthcare providers. More often than not they look for information online

We will transform your medical center into the digital leader in the healthcare industry.

Immediately you will have to deal with a surge of new patients who have chosen your enterprise instead of the numerous competitors.

Just think about it.

Everybody needs to feel that leading healthcare specialists are involved in the management of his or her medical problems and conditions. 

We will construct this image in their mind.

Under our expertise and guidance, you will grow into eminent healthcare providers.

We will take care of the public image of your company.

Abnex will advertise your services in the most efficient way to achieve the best financial result possible.

Here is how we will accomplish the dominant position of your brand...

Website creation and promotion

Our first goal is to create a professional website for your brand.

Put aside everything you are doing now and call us immediately. This is the most important step in your business career.

Just describe us how you image the dream website.

We will make it come true in less than a week.

And then we will make your website shockingly popular.

We will target a specific audience of future customers who desperately need your expertise.

Our team will accomplish this and even more in less time than you can possibly imagine. We will overdeliver on any point.

Long term marketing strategy and branding

You will notice the initial results in less than a week.

But this is just the beginning…

To achieve complete internet domination you will need a long term strategy.

We can help in this complex process by strict adherence to a specific and goal-oriented plan.

We will define short term and long term goals. We will explicitly state our deadlines.

Every month you will receive a detailed report about the progress of our marketing strategy.

Gradually we will add new marketing channels – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Media buying platforms, display networks and much more.

The growing number of visitors to your website will naturally translate into new customers and increased revenue.

Call us right now and we will start the correct marketing strategy for your company.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Have you ever met a person who has not heard about Facebook? Frankly – we haven’t.

Social media has become a natural part of our lives.

The accumulation of targeted visitors in one place creates the perfect opportunity to advertise efficiently and successfully.

As Social Media Marketing experts, we will skyrocket your professional reputation. We will create the image of the go-to expert in your area.

We will regularly publish the accomplishments of your healthcare facility.

We will emphasise the unique capabilities of your team.

We will influence the mind of your dream customer.

We will consolidate the dominant position by the use of targeted testimonials.

We don’t just offer Facebook advertising…

We will give you the gift of digital domination in your exact area.

Everybody will seek only the services of your company.

Competitors will not be able to explain how they have lost their customers.

Please call us for a marketing consulting session before a competitor has done this.

Why choose us?

We deliver real results in less than a week

We are a team of healthcare and IT experts

We provide you with best digital marketing solutions

We are fanatically responsible in our work

We will exceed your wildest expectations

First-class quality and top-notch efficiency

What are you waiting for? Call us at +359 889 917 865 for a FREE phone consultation